Do you want to have your calls under control?

With us, you will be in control not only of the cost of calling but also the content of incoming and outgoing video calls, which can be made even from your smart TV, including screen sharing. Your calls will be fully secured against wiretapping with SRTP / ZRTP + TLS encryption.

What do you get with PHONElix?

Using our services won't be technically complicated for you! No extra equipment, easy online registration instant activation of the services without setting up.

Choose what's closest to you:

  • Individual I call and I keep forgetting
    what we agreed on.

    I am an individual and I often call my friends, family but often also the authorities. When a clerk is informing me about a procedure and steps I have to take, for example, to start a building permit management, I don't stand a chance to remember every detail and it happens that I don't have paper and a pen at hand.

    PHONElix Solution

    PHONElix offers a feature which enables to record calls, so you can be sure to re-play your call and send it to someone else. You can also have your calls transcribed into text. This is just one of the features which may come handy. But PHONElix will also offer you an option to call anonymously or to call with a different phone number distinct from the one currently in the device. To feel safe, you can also use encrypted call communication or other PHONElix features.

    Chosen Benefits


    Encrypted call

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  • Small Business or Entrepreneur Sole trader or a company up to 20

    I am a business owner and I employ several business people. Although we have GPS trackers installed in our cars, I am still not sure the employees are doing their job.

    I would like to expand monitoring of business people but I don't know how?

    PHONElix Solution

    PHONElix adds an option to monitor phone calls. In the case of suspicion that an employee is devoted to something else in the working hours, you can listen to their work calls.

    Apart from that, you will be able to easily evaluate the number of calls per employee or check their professional performance.

    Chosen Benefits

    Control over
    all calls

    Easy call


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  • Call Centre We often call our clients
    or receive their calls.

    We run a medium-sized e-shop. Our customers often call us with various queries and if our operators happen to be free, we use them to actively approach our customers by calling them.

    Currently, we don't have any means to record the calls, which would be suitable to confirm phone orders. At the same time, we'd like to know the workload of respective operators during each day.

    PHONElix Solution

    PHONElix offers a complex solution for call centres. Of course, we offer services such as an IVR tree (call distribution guide after answering the call), call queues, call recording, evaluation of the operators' workload, listening, active campaigns etc. Additionally, we will add improved rates to active calls.

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  • Helpdesk Centre We manage
    customer / employee requests.

    There are more than 500 employees in our company and our IT department manages a range of repair requests or changes to user stations.

    We need to register these requests, including their current status. Ideally, we would like to automatically include requests received by phone and also by e-mail.

    PHONElix Solution

    PHONElix can work both with phone and email requests. A request is assigned a registration number (an incident is created) and its current status can be set. On the top of that, there is an option to record the call request and assign it to an incident. The call can be automatically transcribed into text so there is no need to write the request manually.

    Upon agreement, we can connect our solution to your CRM system.

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  • Medium-sized company Company up to 100 employees. +

    I run a medium-sized company and I employ approx. 40 employees. We use phones as most other companies: customers usually call specific employees, but if those are not available, the call is redirected to an assistant.

    We need a reliable call solution which doesn't play the dialling tone in the case of the engaged line and which doesn't require an assistant transcribing the client's request. Alternatively, the solution should enable us to easily redirect calls in the absence. So far, we have been using a local telephone exchange for the most of these requests but it has been damaged and I consider establishing a new one a too expensive investment.

    PHONElix Solution

    Yes, PHONElix can actually replace a local telephone exchange. Calls can be redirected (even to a mobile number), they can be automatically recorded and transcribed into text. So, the assistant has no problems providing a respective employee with a message from the customer.

    Additionally, you will get many more interesting benefits, such as the possibility to share a phonebook among employees so that they don't have to forward individual contacts to each other.

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  • Large Company We need tailored solutions. +

    There are multiple solutions related to phone calls implemented in our company. Telephone exchange which enables us to make and redirect calls on the local level for free, special solution for call encryption among selected mobile phones, tracking the full utilisation of individual phones and more.

    We are seeking a solution which would combine all these services together, keeping more solutions is too complicated and expensive for us.

    PHONElix Solution

    PHONElix is a complex and highly-developed solution which can be further developed and tailored to your needs, alternatively combined with your own systems (e.g. user management). We provide all above-mentioned services and hope you will also appreciate more services on offer. For example, teleconferencing room when you need to talk with more people at the same time.

    You can have a PHONElix solution installed on your own server and have maximum control over the entire system and security.

    Chosen Benefits

    Virtual network



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Features of PHONElix Services

PHONElix is a cloud service package to the extent you choose.

Virtual Network Operator

Make calls on mobile for 0.59 CZK per minute (per second billing from the beginning of the call, price includes VAT).

Call Recording

All or selected GSM, VoIP, incoming and outgoing calls can be automatically recorded.

Call Statistics

Easy evaluation of the amount of the total call time, effectiveness comparison with other staff and tracking statistics.

PHONElix App

Využijte naší aplikace, která Vám zdarma nabízí šifrované volání, šifrovaný chat, video, sledování GPS polohy kamarádů a ostatní služby PHONElixu z Android telefonu kdekoli na světě.

Web Phone

Wherever you are in the world, make calls from your GSM number even without your phone, using a smart TV, smart car, TV box or smart fridge. You can even share the screen of your smart TV.

Call Search

Calls can be automatically transcribed into text and can be searched for (in)appropriate words or sentences.


Whenever you are in the world, you can connect to an ongoing VoIP, GSM call of your employees or children to hear what they are talking about and perhaps help them in the communication.

Encrypted Communication

Do you want to make sure you are not wiretapped by anyone? Calls can be encrypted with the highest tech possible, using SRTP+TLS or ZRTP+TLS. Call encryption can be set up both on the web and in PHONElix app. Even the NSA won't keep up with you.

Call Redirection

You can easily graphically set up ringtones, where all calls can be redirected and where they should ring. Mobile, IP phone, smart box or TV, including IVR setup.

Web Client

Easy management of all required setups. Phone numbers, permissions, users, payments, credit, email reports.


Share contacts within the company. No more forwarding.


Do you receive more than one call at once? Queues will enable them to wait and hold the line.

Video Calls

With PHONElix Android app, you can make video calls with your family or business partners.

IVR Tree

Create your own interactive voice response for incoming business or private calls.


Management of phone marketing campaigns.

Teleconferencing Room

Anyone can call in it and join a group call after typing in the password.

Are you missing any feature? Don't hesitate to contact us.

How does PHONElix service work?

PHONElix is a virtual network operator that offers you a range of extra services. Why is it actually so unique?


Calls are handled via central PHONElix servers and all necessary information is recorded there.


Users with appropriate access right can see all monitored information about the calls.


Anyone can reach you, be it from a fixed or mobile network, independently on the network operator.


You can make calls to any other mobile network via a computer, VoIP phone or traditional GSM mobile phone.

Become our testers

Staňte se testery nového virtuálního operátora PHONElix s nevšedními službami.

Vyzkoušejte všechny funkce zdarma.

  • 60 minut volání betatester do všech sítí
  • Option of buying a SIM card
  • Call recording, monitoring and call transcription
  • Call security
  • Option of calling from any device on the Internet
  • Advanced management - rights: admin, manager, user
  • Special call redirections and voice IVR trees to your number for free
  • Calls from 0.59 CZK per minute with per second billing (price with VAT)

All our services and tariffs are paid on the pay as you go basis, so you can keep an eye on the amount of money you want to put in the service. Credit can be topped up by credit/debit card, by transfer to account or by setting up a standing order.


Having trouble? Browse through our frequently asked questions.

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  • 3. Can I transcribe calls from mobile communication into text or point out offensive words to the supervisor?
  • 4. Where are recordings from VoIP and GSM communication stored? What codec do you utilise and what is the data consumption for a one-hour-long call?
  • 5. Can I monitor also mobile phone calls?
  • 6. Can I use a mobile phone as a call centre with all standard functions?
  • 7. On what ports is SIP communication running (classic VoIP call), SIP over HTTPs (web phone) and what if I don't hear the other side?

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